Historic Steam Range


The Engineers Emporium would like to introduce a new range of kit built
(and ready to run) live steam models from Historic Steam

The York Bolton Mill Engine & Steam Plant

The Mill Engines of the last 2 centuries, in their many forms, became the universal stationary power plants during the age of steam. They drove overhead shafting to provide motive power to textile, industry, agricultural and all other types of machinery in the factories of the day and, in modified form, to raise and lower coal mine pit cages and later to generate electricity.

The mechanical works of art of Britain's industrial heyday are recaptured in the fine detail and workmanship of the York-Bolton.

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Other available forms of engine including beam, traction and table top will readily mount in place of the Bolton and be serviced by the York Boiler Plant through a universal control valve manifold.

The design criteria for the York Steam Plant and Bolton Mill Engine have produced a model of aesthetic beauty. The York-Bolton is a fully working model which resists all forms of cosmetic deterioration, is completely self contained, can be steamed from cold in a few minutes, runs smoothly with long life and is overengineered for safety. It will give many lifetimes of pleasure and education to those who demand the best that British craftsmanship can produce.

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The York-Bolton working castings are of brass, all exposed brass is electro lacquered to stop tarnishing. All hardware is of stainless steel. All painting is stove enamel epoxy, highly durable and oil resistant.

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The York Steam Plant consists of a feed water storage tank, sludge tank, oil separator and butane holder, which takes a standard internationally available camping butane cylinder, providing about 2 hours steaming. All elements are mounted on a polished electro lacquered brass plate and hardwood base.

The boiler is of multitude, silver soldered heavy gauge copper construction, fitted with ceramic gas burner with both main and pilot jets, electric ignition, water and steam pressure gauges, safety and vacuum valves and whistle.

Gas flow is regulated by a control valve which cuts the main burner in and out to maintain preset steam pressure.

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The Bolton Mill Engine is a horizontal single cylinder slide valve unit. Crankshaft, eccentric and big end bearings are of sealed ball type, concealed to look like plain bearings, but giving long life and zero maintenance. A boiler feed pump and steam lubricator are fitted, together with belt driven dynamo with voltage regulator and lamp standard. Other features are a dummy, but fully operational, ball governor and adjustable load damper, together with cylinder and steam chest drain, valves and sump.

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All bolts, steam fittings, rods, crankshaft and even hexagon bolt heads etc are fully machined in stainless steel or brass in keeping with the standards of highest presentational and functional quality.

All spare parts are guaranteed to be
available for 10 years.

If the engine is to be supplied as a gift or presentation,
a bespoke engraved plate can be provided for
mounting on the base plate.

The Mill Engine and Boiler are fully tested
and guaranteed and the Boiler comes
with a Pressure Test Certificate.

The Merlin

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A classic French Portable Engine

Should you wish to inspect either a kit of assembled steam plant, both are available to view (by appointment please) at our premises. All models are usually available ex stock.

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