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Our most comprehensively designed kit. Available for home machining as drawings and castings. Over 100 drawings of individual components plus assembly drawings and parts list. Faithfully modelled on an original engine.

  • Principle dimensions - 19" long, 12" high, 10½" wide, Flywheel diameter 10½".
  • Twin cast iron flywheels.
  • Hopper cooled cylinder.
  • Hit & miss governor.
  • Spark ignition.
  • To be built on a 5" centre height lathe.
  • Wooden base not include
  • Includes cast iron flywheels, cylinder head casting, base casting, hopper casting, rocker arm casting, governor arm casting, bearing cap castings, piston and cylinder liner material.
  • See Petrol engine machined kits page for other individual parts available.

Castings & drawings


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Our May'24 Economy offer includes the above castings and material as well as cam follower bearing, crank guard casting, head gasket, spark plug, transfers (2), timing plate profile, con rod profile, cut gears, cam profile, oil cups (2), piston rings (3), springs (6), crank web profile (2) and mag bow profile. This offer saves £75 if parts bought individually. See Petrol engine machined kits page for individual parts. Offer also includes assembly instruction book.




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For those without workshop facilities, a fully machined Economy kit is available with all parts included except the ignition system.
Economy flywheels - machining supplement
£49.50 ea
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NEW -Perkins Vertical Hit & Miss Engine with low tension igniter

This attractive engine is unusual in being vertical, air cooled with a partly open crank case. The ignition is by low tension igniter, the inlet valve is automatic and the exhaust valve is controlled by exposed flyball governors. Twin 9" diameter flywheels

  • Principle dimensions - 20" tall, 12" deep, 9" wide
  • Kit contains - 16 castings
  • Piston material
  • Crank and con rod profile
  • Bored and honed liner material
  • Drawings in book format with mostly one item per page, basic build information, parts lists & timing information
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1895 Otto

Otto D2 Vertical gas engine from 1895. Our model was originally designed by Heinz Kormuller but has been updated with new drawings. It has been researched from an original engine & builds into an attractive and unusual engine. It will run on Butane with a glow plug in place of the hot tube but can be adapted to run on petrol.

  • Specification - 266mm tall, 25mm bore,36mm stroke, 199mm diameter flywheel
  • Kit contains - 8 castings
  • Cast iron castings: crank support, bearing caps (2), base/cylinder, intake housing, exhaust housing, pivot mount, flywheel
  • Laser cut profiles: crank profile, cam profile, con rod profile
  • Pre-cut gears: 2
  • Material: piston material, cylinder material, brass material bars (3)
  • Finished parts: valve springs, glow plug
  • Drawings: Metric in book format with one page per component. Includes exploded diagrams & sectional views, assembly drawings & parts lists plus basic construction notes.
  • Can be built on a 4" lathe. A drilling machine & milling machine or shaper would be useful as well as hand tools.
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Otto name plate set
Otto piston rings (3)
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The Junior

Classic 1920 Petrol Engine as used on farms for water pumping and powering machinery etc. The model takes it's inspiration from the 2½" HP Lister Junior. The kit consists of high quality aluminium and iron castings, pack of material and 64 page book of drawings*.

  • Principle dimensions - 23cm high (9"), 15cm wide (6"), Flywheel diameter 10cm (4"), Bore ¾", Stroke 1¼".
  • Hooper water cooling (including cylinder head).
  • Exposed valves.
  • Glow ignition (for simplicity, can be converted to spark ignition).
  • Working governor.
  • Twin cast iron flywheels.
  • Can be built on a 3½" lathe.
  • Wooden base not included.
* terms apply
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The Junior Kit Gears, pre-cut gears. (2)

Junior piston rings (2)
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The Little Wonder

Fully machined working open crank engine kit. Can be built without machine tools. Supplied as a fully machined kit with all parts included*. Based on the classic Amanco/Fairbanks hit & miss engines of the last century. Glow fuel ignition (can be converted to spark ignition).

  • Bore 7/8", Stroke 1½", Length 8½", Flywheel diameter 4".
  • Over 90 components.
  • Features include auto inlet valve, fully working governor, wick lubricators, hopper cooling, water cooled cylinder head, twin flywheels, all working parts visible.
    * wooden base and sealant not included. Deburring may be required to some paths to aid visual appearance.
Little Wonder castings and drawings for home machining. 12 iron castings and A5 book of drawings. Castings include fly wheels, base, hopper, crank case, two part cylinder head, bearing covers, con rod, carburettor body, rocker arm and cam follower arm plus 2 items of material.
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The Little Wonder Kit Gears, pre-cut gears. (3)

Little Wonder piston rings (2)
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The Pioneer

A very unusual 2 stroke petrol engine believed to have been designed in France by Monsieur A P Stone prior to the first world war. Unusual in this 2 stroke, is the absence of a crank case and the inclusion of automatic inlet and exhaust valves operated without cams.

  • Specification - 1¼" Bore, 27/8" Stroke, 6" Flywheel, 14" Long, 12" Wide, 8" Tall.
  • Spark ignition engine.
  • An ideal first project.
  • Easy to construct (basic engineering knowledge required).
  • A fascinating engine to build and watch.
  • Can be built on a 3½" lathe.
  • Kit includes 8 high quality castings and drawings
Pioneer piston rings (3)
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The Senior

The classic engine based on a casting set produced by Tom Senior in the 1920's, for home machining. This basic but attractive open crank petrol engine is a good beginners engine having simple but robust components. It can be built on a Myford or similar capacity lathe.

Kit includes: Castings - crank case, cylinder, cylinder head, flywheels (2), bearing caps (2)

Material - liner, piston, push rod, rocker pedestal, crank round bar

Profiles - crank web, rocker arm

Part / finished components - cut gears (2), piston rings (2), valve springs (2), spark plug, oil cups (2), cam bearing

Drawings in book form, approximately 50 pages

  • Specification - 1½" Bore, 3" Stroke, 8" Flywheel.
  • Spark ignition engine (could be hot tube)
  • An ideal first project.
  • Easy to construct (basic engineering knowledge required).
  • Automatic inlet valve
  • Hopper cooled
  • Can be built on a 3½" lathe.
Senior piston rings (3)

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Aveling DX Petrol Road Roller

As adapted from the prototype by Edgar T. Westbury in 1 1/2" scale and described in the Model Engineer starting January 6th 1938. Castings are available from the patterns originally made by Bonds of Euston Road. Dimensions of the completed roller are approximately 12.5" tall including canopy, 8.5" wide & 23" long, rear wheel diameter 6" and front wheel diameter 5".

1" bore, 1 1/8" stroke

The engine castings include crank case, sump cover, crank case timing side cover, crank case side cover (RHS), cylinder head, cylinder head cover, large rocker finger, small rocker finger, carb body & con rod castings.

Drawings are available in back issues of the Model Engineer.

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ADX front and rear roll castings - cast iron castings, 2 small & 2 large
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ADX front carriage castings - roller fork, two side girders & headstock casting
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ADX steering castings - steering wheel, steering worm bracket & steering quadrant castings
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ADX diff spider casting
Aveling DX piston rings (3)
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The original engine was one of the first engines constructed by Gottlieb Daimler and used in a very early motor carriage "The Motorkutsche". This engine was called the "Standuhr". It was the first "fasr running" petrol engine ie it ran at about 700 rpm.

Unusual in this engine is the method of valve operation, a disc with grooves in place of the more familiar cam.

Supplied as castings and drawings for home machining

  • Specification - 320mm tall, 95mm diameter fly wheels, 20mm bore.
  • Castings include 2 crank case sides, cylinder end, 2 covers, 2 internal fly wheels, cylinder & piston material.
  • Drawings (metric)
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Bonds Simplex

This single cylinder vertical air cooled petrol engine was designed for round the pole racing cars and tethered racing boats but could easily be adapted to an aeroplane. A two piece crank case supports a finned cylinder. The cylinder head has two exposed valves operated by push rods from the crank case.

  • Specification - 7 ¼" Tall, 1 ¼" bore, 1 ¼" stroke.
  • Spark ignition engine.
  • Castings include crank case (2), cylinder, cylinder head, timing case, timing cover
  • Easy to construct (basic engineering knowledge required).
  • Can be built on a 3½" lathe.
  • Kit includes 6 high quality castings and drawings in book form.
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1912 Hubbard Marine Petrol Engine

Limited offer - slight foundry seconds £195 inc UK postage (until sold out)

This model represents an early form of marine petrol engine designed for inboard operation and water cooled. Fuel was petrol and ignition was via low tension igniter. It is a conventional two stroke with crank case admission & transfer via cylinder ports.For the purpose of the model & to make it easy to build & operate it has been designed for glow plug ignition with the striker being replaced by the glow plug.It is not a difficult engine to build but some may find lack of construction notes & exploded views challenging.

  • Approximately 140mm tall, 25mm bore, 25mm stroke
  • Glow ignition
  • Capacity of approximately 12cc
  • Cast iron flywheel casting
  • Aluminium castings for body / crank case, crank case sides (2), intake tract, crank case covers (2)
  • Piston and liner material included
  • Traditional drawings in metric & imperial
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1909 Mercedes aero engine

This is a water cooled four cylinder petrol engine with mono-block cylinders (two banks), external timing gears and push rods.

The design originated from Classic Motors in Austria and has recently been reworked.

  • Specification - 30cc, 20mm bore, 25mm stroke, 230mm long, 1/6 scale with glow plug ignition
  • Kit includes 18 castings
  • Alloy castings: sump, crankcase, cylinder block (2)
  • Investment castings: water pump, carburettor, rocker fingers (8), pedestals (4)
  • Pre-cut gears: side shaft(2), timing (2)
  • Material: piston material, liner material (finished bore)
  • Drawings: Metric, in book form, one page per component & includes exploded diagrams
  • Can be built on a 3½" lathe.

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De Dion 1903

The De Dion is a detailed copy of one of the first car engines built in large numbers. It is 1:4 scale. It is a slow running 17cc four stroke engine, has automatic inlet valve and an exhaust valve operated by single cam. It runs on 2-stroke mixture and can be used with spark ignition or glow ignition.

  • Bore 25mm, Stroke 35mm, height 180mm.
  • Castings and drawings set
  • Castings for crankcase, cylinder, timing case, fly wheels and material for liner and piston plus gears

De Dion piston rings (3)



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Red Wing

Castings & drawings for a quarter scale 5 HP Red Wing Engine. When completed this model is fully functional and has a 2 inch stroke, a 1.25 inch bore and has 8 inch flywheels. It runs on petrol and uses a trembler coil (buzz coil) as an ignition source. Set includes 9 iron castings, 10 brass castings, springs, cut gears, piston rings, drawings and guidance notes.


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de Havilland Gipsy Major

The de Havilland Gipsy Major is a four cylinder, air cooled, inline engine used in a variety of light aircraft produced in the 1930's including the famous Tiger Moth biplane. Many Gipsy Major engines still power vintage aircraft types worldwide today. Engines were produced by de Havilland in the UK.

This model engine was developed by R Krieger who built several working engines from these drawings & castings which has now been added to our range. Designed to a scale of 1:3.5 and weighing7kg (dry) with a propeller size of 26" x 16" it builds into an impressive model. It has pressure fed oil lubrication with suction scavenge pump (gear type) & split oil system. A spark ignition system with Hall effect trigger is used on twin distributors (dummy magneto's).

  • 370mm long, 140mm wide, 240mm high
  • 33mm bore, 41mm stroke, displacement 140ccm
  • Compression ratio 1:8.5 running on Methanol with 3% oil
  • Scale 1 : 3.5
  • Spark ignition
  • 4 spark plugs 1/4" x 32
  • 33 aluminium castings
  • Book of drawings



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Oiler 32mm tall, 10mm dia, M3 thread. Suggested uses Otto crank bearing & Little Wonder cylinder.




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Oiler 31mm tall, 11mm dia, 3/16 x 40 thread. Suggested uses Otto crank bearing, Little Wonder cylinder, Taylor Brickworks main crank bearing, Red Wing crank main bearing.
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Oiler 37mm tall, 17.5mm dia, 1/4 x 40 thread. Suggested uses Otto crank bearing, Senior crank bearing, Taylor Brickworks main crank bearing & Red Wing cylinder.
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Oiler 60mm tall, 28mm dia, M6 thread. Suggested uses Economy cylinder.
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Drip feed oiler 4" tall, 1 3/8" dia, 1/8" thread, 20ml.
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Drip feed oiler 5" tall, 2 1/4" dia, 1/4 BSP thread. 100ml
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Flip top oiler 17mm tall, 10mm dia, M6 x 1 thread. Suggested uses Economy or Senior crank bearing & Red Wing crank main bearing.
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Screw top oiler 12mm tall, 11mm dia, M4 thread. Suggested uses Economy / Senior crank bearing, Economy / Senior big end, Red Wing big end & crank main bearing.







Oil & Grease Cups Available

Height 26mm, Diameter 16mm, Thread ¼" 26tpi Brass

Height 25mm, Diameter 23mm, Thread 1/8" BSP Steel

Height 30mm, Diameter 33mm, Thread ¼" BSP Steel

Flip Over Oiler

Height 14mm, Diameter 10mm, Thread ¼" 26 TPI Steel







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Gas bag casting, based on a traditional Crossley type. 160mm diameter. This gas bag casting has been scaled from a National No.1 size. It will look nice with small power gas engines or model engines. Supplied as raw casting.
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Wood cased trembler coil, for hit & miss ignition systems.New, reproduction Model T Ford style. Will operate on 6 or 12 volts and fit into coil boxes for multi cylinder engines. Ideal for veteran cars, tractors and stationary engines.
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Trembler coil points. To make your own ignition system. Genuine KW points
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Miniature HT coil, for hit & miss ignition systems
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Carburettors. New, fully machined, easy to assemble petrol/gas carburettors.

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